Hi, friends, bros and dudes, all those who are now stuck with money on wex and who feel with at least indignation in this regard, and even outright anger. If you see obvious things and understand that extreme measures are still unnecessary at the moment, you can stop reading.

Information further for those who see the solution to the issue in connecting third parties at this stage, especially investigation agencies.

I ask you to name at least one case, known in the cryptoworld, of real returning user money when you contact the police. Especially when the alleged fraudulent object is still working, in a somewhat limited version though.

Let's recall the BTC-e, all fiat funds, as well as part of the users' crypto funds remain blocked by US law enforcement agencies and there are no adequate responses to repeated requests from BTC-e users (despite evidence of enrollment and legal origin of funds). The fate of these (ours!) funds remain unknown. But it is well known that even the agents of the US federal investigation service themselves, who were directly involved in allegedly exposing that site, more than once (!) put their greedy hands on users money! And here is what is posted on http://www.cryptsysettlement.com/, the official website for the presentation of the court decision on the infamous Cryptsy:

Q: Can I still recover my cryptocurrency from Cryptsy?

A: No. Cryptsy stole all of the account holders’ cryptocurrencies, and deleted all of the information on Cryptsy’s servers.

Q: Can you return my cryptocurrency that was held at Coinbase?

A: No. Cryptsy stole all of the account holders’ cryptocurrencies, and deleted all of the information on Cryptsy’s servers.

Now let's recall how the fall of MtGox began. In the spring of 2013, the US authorities froze the accounts of the American division of the Exchange, which was about 4.5 million dollars, arguing that MtGox lacked the proper permission * (while the exchange worked normally there for a year, but now the laws changed and bureaucratic permits were required). The starting point is that the forces authorities may have contributed (at least pushed) to the site's gone offline with further declaring the loss of users' bitcoins * (allegedly as a result of hacking). And to this day, tens of thousands of MtGox users have been unable to return their bitcoins since 2014. And this is not less of about 650,000 btc! Notice, all this was happened in the USA, the "stronghold of the judicial system and the dominant ideology of the dollar", where, it would seem, the real owners should return the money by a simple wave of a magic wand.

Now transfer all these to Russia. Does it still seem that justice will triumph with the help of only security forces? If your answer is yes, then here's another thought: what if wex is really trying to restore normal operation, but there is still no news due to the lack of a clear understanding of the causes of the alleged corporate conflict and the resolution process? And that's why the site is still working, that's why the official twitter warning about fraudsters of all types that are active now, the source code and scripts on the wex servers were also changed against them, that is why the withdrawals are still left open *(not for all coins). **Do you think a criminal case will really help this recovery process? Or will there be an absolutely opposite effect?


Mate, understand the most important thing - no one urges you now to stop here and wait. You are tired, concerned about the lack of more or less resonable news from the wex, angry that it is impossible to update the car now, pay your bills or even worse - just ensure your daily expenses and you don’t just sit there on your bottoms - you take the initiative in your hands, you look for information on all those involved in wex, raise people connected with the platform, consult with lawyers, inquire about the legal presence of the Exchange in Singapore, make contacts with the same victims as you, collect technical information, monitor the alleged cold wallets of the exchange.

And I tell you what - yes, you are doing the right thing!

Preparation and collection of the necessary information, readiness for the worst case scenario - is right! The most important thing here is not to confuse the process of preparation itself and direct actions based on this preparations. Such actions are called extreme measure. There is no turning back and there is no doubt that you can harm the wex recovery process with these actions. Why? Because these actions are implemented only in the case of direct fraud on the part of the site. For example, the site turned offline without explaining the reasons from official wex team! In this case, there is also a corpus delicti and, be sure, the authorities operational work will bring all people involved in fraud out of the shadows.

I really hope that this post found in you a sensible and fair person! Thank you for reading, fellow in misery, and let God help all of us to pass these tough times with dignity ...

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